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colafitte said:
quickrick said:

Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday: It became the best-selling Nintendo console in U.S. history for that five-day period.


 people really need to see the PR spin here, it's comparing those days only, so comparing to wii makes no sense. wii could have  sold 500k  Wednesday and 300k Thursday, and probably completely sold out the other days.   

This is what i'm trying to tell people, i have nothing against Switch, but that comparison is some PR bullshit of the worst quality because they know people know the numbers from the Wii at BF week 2008 being around 800k, but we don't know shit about what Wii did during next days after BF or even if they have stock left after such a success at BF the days before. We don't know and that's the problem, that Nintendo know that we won't know. And you have 2 options, keep knowing nothing, or believe the numbers could be similar to that 800k figure from 10 years ago in a different set of days....

Stop it.  They didn't compare it to just Wii but every console and portable they've ever sold.  That means DS and 3DS too.  And 3DS certainly existed during the modern Cyber Monday sales period.

Further, cut the crap on stock issues because the Switch is just as susceptible to being short on stock as they rest were.  You keep calling this spin but it's really starting to sound like you just don't like the good news and it's bothering the hell out of you so you're looking for any means possible to spin it yourself negatively.

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