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WoodenPints said:
quickrick said:

Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday: It became the best-selling Nintendo console in U.S. history for that five-day period.


 people really need to see the PR spin here, it's comparing those days only, so comparing to wii makes no sense. wii could have  sold 500k  Wednesday and 300k Thursday, and probably completely sold out the other days.   

The thing is Thursday before Black Friday to the end of Cyber Monday been 5 days Is for sure a bigger sales period than the 800k that was done Sunday before to the Saturday after to the extent that the Sunday-Wednesday of the Wii tracking likely accounts for very little of the Wii's 800K, When you combine this along with knowing it's up 115% from the same 5 days in 2017 it already takes it above 800k for the same 5 day period. That you can't ignore.

Not for something with a very finite amount of stock, which previous popular Nintendo home consoles (like the Wii) would have. Those sell out quick so that there isn't anything to sell on Sat/Sun/Mon. The spin is obvious.