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Kerotan said:
Qwark said:
Ah the good old days when you could call your teammate a bloody wanker if he died to much in stupid ways a.k.a. killing themselves. Despite what people think not everything has a double meaning. Sometimes when you call someone a bloody wanker you mean just that. Anyway I don't play online much except with a group of friends and we pretty much banter all the time. Kind a how we did during the couch co-op days. If I would pull the shit I did there online saving blue sells, stealing stars in Mario Party and rubbing it in ofcourse. I am pretty sure I will be kicked out pretty quickly in todays world.

Do you remember starting up a game on hard-core search and destroy on cod4 and half the time your team mate would pull out the rpg and blow up his entire team at the start. 

Ah good old days.