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Baddman said:
Mr.Joker said:

Hmm Fishing is really fun,i have spent Hours just trying to fish one legendary fish

fishing is what I have done most in this game. especially when i just want to sit back and relax

I made time lapse videos to sit back and relax. Fishing is fine as long as I don't catch anything. For one side mission I spend 10 minutes trying to reel in some epic fish. My right thumb burning from trying to rotate the stick, switching to my index and middle finger trying to rotate that effing stick. Accessibility options go further than hold instead of tap!

I haven't fired up the game anymore since last week. GT Sport is back in the drive and likely to stay there. I would love to hear some impressions of the multiplayer as the beta should be rolling out soon. I imagine lots of crowds in the popular fishing spots all happily fishing next to each other :)