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OdinHades said:
CuCabeludo said:

I don't. Tutorials, guides, etc can be easily incorportated in the gameplay upon staring playing a game for the first time.

Oh god, I hate tutorials so much! They always treat me like I was dumb as fuck. Like I can't figure out myself to move the joystick to move my character. Seriously. There were many times where I quit playing a game altogether because it had a tutorial I could not skip.

So if abandoning printed manuals is the reason that we have so many tutorials these days, then I miss them very much. Because fuck tutorials. Let me figure out the game myself. It's part of the fun, you know.

Most games are multiplat nowadays. Physical games on PC are a thing from the distant past. Developers won't make in-game tutorials for the PC version of a game, while making a physical book with the tutorials for the same game on consoles. They will make everything with the same pattern to reduce costs.

Don't forget that the number of consoles users that are buying games digitally is growing, so there would have to be 2 different game versions for a console, the digital version would have to come with in-game tutorials while the physical version would have the book.

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