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pokoko said:
thismeintiel said:

Get over it, huh?  Nah, I think I will continue to point out hypocrisy where I see it.  When someone allows "fun" to override an objective look at a game, I can no longer take them seriously as a reviewer.  Of course, I think it has a little more to do with it than just "fun."  Read $$$.

Right, like "fun" isn't kind of important when it comes to videogames.  You're totally right, game reviews should just be based around technical merits.  "Fun" shouldn't matter.  

The funny thing is, when someone no longer credits how much "fun" a game is, I can no longer take them seriously as a reviewer.  That's kind of why I play games to start with so it's rather important to me.  I know people really like to whine about review scores but I don't think I've ever heard anyone try to claim that enjoyment isn't an important aspect. 

And using the Fun analogy, if its technically a mess for a gamer that removes any fun it might have...or at least reduces it.

I do wonder if this had been an EA or Activision game if some reviewers would have been so harsh. Personally the game looks like a 5 (lack of content) then take into account technical mess that makes me feel that 4 is a reasonable review score.

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