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this game is a strange one, loads of people either seem to be super fast to jump to its defence or jump on negative news about it and attack it.... neither party seem to come off like people who've actually played the game, just those who have an opinion of it.

I've not played it but based on what I've seen about it that's just because it doesnt appear to be my cup of tea, if there are people who wanna play this sort of "make your own fun" type of game then power to them, I've got my fix of that from Minecraft and when I want to visit the Fallout world it will either be in the forms of my GOTY copies of 3 and 4 for the X360 and Ps4. Shame this one wasn't along those lines but again... if there is a market for it, I don't hold it against bethesda for creating the game. Just hope they don't go fully down this path and that Fallout 5 is something that will come maybe next generation. Always worry that a spin off title will be as successful as something like WoW which 14 years ago killed the possibility of Warcraft 4 ever being a thing.

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