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vivster said:
Yep, let's make a unique genre streamlined into something the west likes because fuck diversity. We already had an atrocity called FFXV, we don't need that again.

That said, I wouldn't mind action gameplay for the remake. It's a remake after all, they can do with it whatever they want. The original sucked anyway so it can only go up from here.

You can blame western gamers for growing out of the JRPG tropes and outdated mechanics and i think FF7 is a good game just not as legendary or the best FF game, much less one of the greatest games ever like many others claim.

Fededx said:
Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled. Great story, graphics and all, but the random encounters are way way WAY too often, like two steps- encounter.

Thanks for the warning, i won't touch that game.

0D0 said:
I like pokemon but cave + zubats + dark is just not fun. It's just annoying.

Random encounters are fine for me in a game once a year, but i wouldn't play ten rpgs in a year like this any more. Currently there's no reason to make games with random encounters any more, i find this mechanic outdated.


Azzanation said:
I use to like Turn Based RPGs when i was playing Pokemon Blue, Golden Sun and FF7. I feel as i got older that genre seems less appealing to me now. Its just not as fun as i use to remember


pokoko said:
Every system has flaws, which can be mitigated by good design or exaggerated by bad design. There is no perfect method that everyone will enjoy.

Personally, everything being an "action RPG" now has pretty much killed what used to be my favorite genre.

You can blame western gamers for growing out of the JRPG tropes and outdated mechanics i think Kotaku did a whole article on why Western RPGs are better than JRPGs and i've got to admit some of their points were true.

0D0 said:
Snoorlax said:

So do i. Like in Tales of Symphonia and Shin Megami Tensei 4 you are free to avoid the enemy on the map or attack them first to get the advantage in battle.

They can be fun but get incredibly annoying after 50 hours.

Perhaps, i felt it became worse in FF8 especially since the game doesn't reward lvling up, let alone grinding. The Diablos ability is a game saver though. 

Litterally the same thing happened to me with Star Ocean backtracking is part of the story and its really makes you give up on it.

Actually the complaints for anime are far worse - everthing is too cutesy, too colorful, not dark enough, little girls doing creepy stuff.... Yeah so i decided to group them all together as too much anime.

I've read about that but even so the GC version still has random encounters like every 2 or 3 seconds while sailing the Sky, i can't imagine how much of a nightmare the Dreamcast version must be.

Let me explain.

- To be fair, most frustrating RPGs known for its insane amount of encounters appeared mostly on Nintendo consoles. Breath of Fire. Lufia. Skies of Arcadia. Tales of Phantasia. Pokemon. Dragon Quest.

- I actually wasn't aware that i had this thread on Nintendo discussion and then forgot to change it to gaming discussion so now it's stuck on Nintendo. If some mod decides it should be moved then it's fine by me.  

Ni no Kuni is almost perfect. You not only can avoid enemies (unless when they're standing on a too narrow path) but you don't need to avoid weaker enemies, they just run from you. So when you need to go back to some area you've beaten, you don't need to care about the useless weaklings.

Yeah i still haven't played it i'll be sure to check it out some time.