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LMU Uncle Alfred said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

Actually their sales have fallen off because they stopped doing a lot of this stuff.  Final Fantasy X is the 2nd best selling FF game, and it was the last to include turn-based random encounters.  They should try getting back to their roots.


If we're talking JRPG sales in general, they've fallen off mostly because they just aren't getting made as much anymore.  Leaving aside Pokemon (which I feel is never considered a traditional RPG anyways) the FF series sales have been consistently in the 7-9 million range.  Since FF7, and with the exception of FFIX and FFXII, all of them have sold between 7-9 million roughly.  I don't know about XI, but I believe XIV is up there now.

 DQXI from what I have heard is actually one of the highest selling DQ games in the NA region now.

2nd best selling if I remember right.

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