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Kerotan said:
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Yep, and you still have to be a part of the Microsoft ecosystem and give them money. Also, Microsoft xbox exclusives, for the most part, don't sell well on PC.Hell, Halo Wars an RTS did better on xbox apparently lol. Which is the reason why I don't understand why Microsoft put exclusive games on PC, but not on Xbox. I know there will be a huge demand for gears tactics on xbox. 

I agree as part of the eco system but it won't be exclusive to their next console. It's far more valuable to have them game on the console then the pc. They pay XBL and buy their 3rd party games there. 

I know sales had been bad but now every game including halo, gears and Forza will go to pc so ite3a legitimate option to never buy the console. Plus they'll save every year not paying for online. 

But you also have to consider there is a massive audience around the world that simply won't buy a Xbox.

Whether it be people who invest in a powerful gaming PC or just live in a country where consoles aren't popular. That means MS can either make their games available to significantly more people by supporting PC, or keep their games exclusive to the console a vast majority of sales are in a few countries.

Other benefits of supporting Windows with Xbox games is increasing revenue to create more games, more people now using the Windows store and again appealing to audiences that use PC as their preferred platform thus avoid consoles.

Looking at Steamspy, its also worth noting that some games like State of Decay, Halo Wars, Hellblade, Ryse and Quantum Break did well there. Then there are some games that really only appeal to the PC audience like Age of Empires, which does massive numbers on PC. If MS decides to fund something like Alan Wake 2, I would thank the PC audience for that because it was a hit there.

Ultimately, I don't think there is proof that putting games on PC has a huge impact on Xbox sales. Whether or not it does, the benefit of supporting PC is likely greater than the lost Xbox sales. Also, if MS can manage to get a few million people using Game Pass on PC as they bolster their first party output, then maybe supporting PC becomes a great source for revenue.

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