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turn based fighting --> I prefer that to real time action based combat by far. And I pretty much hate combat system where I e.g. have a party of 4 characters and I only control 1 people and the AI is controlling the others. When its only 1 character real time action based combat is fine though.

linearity --> no problem for me

too much reading --> not cool, but especially if there is no voice acting you can not avoid it

cliche characters and stories --> I dont care at all

too much anime --> there can be too much? ;) Seriously: Fine for me.

bad voice acting --> yeah, pretty disturbing (better NO voice acting at all than bad voice acting) I hate how we in germany often get Eng Dub only or Jap Dub with Eng Sub. Jap Dub with Ger Sub would be so awesome. But I got used to Eng Sub in the meanwhile. But only having Eng Dub is a reason for me to not buy a game at all - sorry, I can not stand it.

random encounters --> no problem with that. Only when its like every 4-5 footsteps then it is pretty annoying.