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atoMsons said:

1. You can't point out many cases on the PS4/XBO with CPU limitations to frames. Those "limitations" are on the AI and on other things you don't really see. You know nothing. Consoles are closed hardware, where the floating point is dead set for developers. You clearly don't understand my dam example, which is as simple as I can make for a noob. Bandwidth.

Sure you can.

If you capture a frame... And see a ton of GPU accelerated particles effects on screen and note that framerate is tanking... We can ascertain that the CPU is likely not the driving factor.
However... If the game doesn't leverage GPU accelerated particle effects and uses the CPU to drive the physics and lighting processing for said particles... We can ascertain that the CPU is likely the limiting factor.
And once the particles are done and dusted and are no-longer on screen, the bottleneck will likely shift away from the CPU.

It's a pretty basic concept really.

atoMsons said:

2. Why do you say dumb things like "The CPU assists in preparing those frames you know." Well obviously, if you read my post, you don't have to say anything like that. It's obvious I know this as I listed many processes the CPU handles in gaming. But when drawing 3D pipelines, a CPU hardly does any of it. How do you miss my point? I am baffled.

I didn't miss your point. I chose to ignore it as it wasn't 100% on point as you didn't elaborate on every single aspect.

atoMsons said:

3. The CPU again, doesn't render very many frames. It's EXTREMELY poor at doing it, that is why it's the brain that sends information to the GPU. The CPU is also responsible for telling the GPU what to do. While the GPU job is rendering what we see on screen at any given time. Remember we are simplifying here. The CPU sees and describes the different objects on screen, their location and other things. That information is converted by said GPU. A GPU's cycle is far more demanding than a CPU's. This is where you see a "bottleneck". If a CPU can't tell what the GPU should do fast enough, workload is limited in a gaming production role.

No. You are misconstruing my statements to be something it is not.

The CPU assists in rendering... The days were the CPU is tasked for all rendering is long over... For obvious reasons. (I.E. The CPU is good at serialized processing, not parallelized like GPU's and Graphics.)
However... The CPU still assists in some rendering tasks... Case in point: Morphological Anti-Aliasing was often done on the CPU during the 7th gen, because it was cheap and free'd up the GPU.

So the CPU does allot more than what you so eloquently describe.

atoMsons said:

4. Frames are NOT a RAM issue today. So many developers are lazy and don't want to load in textures, and other things properly. Poor optimization. Can't give you this point at all. This is painfully clear in console gaming. Moving on.

I have already proven you wrong on this point with evidence. (Geforce 1030.)

Ram is about more than just about the data it holds you know.

atoMsons said:

6. Again FLOP are a good indication of similar architecture. WHAT DO YOU NOT GET? And if they aren't the same arch, or close, it just isn't a 1:1 ratio. Again, WHAT DO YOU NOT GET? But it gives a very good estimate on the strength of a GPU. Different architectures work in a different way, that's why it can't be a 1:1 direct correlation, yet the Flops themselves aren't meaningless. Compare Flops of new arch to that of the older. Notice how Flops get higher all the time? So yeah, you can easily draw a hypothesis based on Flops, even a pretty damn accurate one once you take in a few other form factors. Moving on.

I have already proven you wrong on this point, I provided evidence. Case in point: Geforce 1030 DDR4 vs GDDR5.
Same architecture. Same GPU. Less than half the performance. Go figure.

atoMsons said:

8. I'm done. I gain nothing from this. You compared the 5870 and 7850. It's like nothing I said was even processed. I found it funny when you referenced that they are both from the same company. Oh boy... The same company doesn't use the same chips forever and put on turbo and stickers to make it go faster. LOL!

You stated that flops was everything.
Obviously the evidence says you were incorrect.

And considering you haven't provided counter-evidence, we can safely assume at this point that I am correct.


I will also ask you to refrain from making personal jabs in future.