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There was recently an interview with a AMD rep and two question were interesting for us regarding next-gen console. It looks like ps5 and Next Xbox will have a chiplet design instead of a SOC/APU.


IC: With chiplets connected via IF on Rome, if a customer wanted a semi-custom design with different IP, such as a GPU or an AI block or an FPGA, would that be possible? (Say for example, a console?)

MP: Our semi-custom group is wide open to talk to customers to brainstorm! What excites me about the chiplet approach is that I think it’s going to disrupt the industry. It’s going to change the way the industry dreams of different configurations. Some might be right, and I can guarantee that someone will conjure up ten other ones that we didn’t think of! Honestly I think it is a disruptive force that is just nascent, just starting right now.

IC: With IF on 7nm, it offers 100 GB/s GPU to GPU connectivity. One of your competitors has something similar which allows both GPU-GPU and CPU-GPU connectivity. Currently with Rome, PCIe 4.0 has been announced from CPU to GPU but not IF. What has AMD’s analysis been on that CPU to GPU link?

MP: We haven’t announced applying the IF between the CPU and GPU and while it is certainly feasible, it is likely just dependent when workloads could truly leverage that protocol being applied, when the full coherency is required across both CPU and GPU. It is certainly feasible, but we haven’t announced it at this time.


Basically what this means is that Sony and Microsoft can pump in more Gpu cores into their next console. Something like a 88CU clocked at 1400mhz giving 15,7 Teraflops seems very feasible. Probably Vivster or Pemalite can give a better explanation what chiplet design is.


The interview:


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