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SpokenTruth said:
LiquorandGunFun said:
broward is a joke. democrats are a joke. snipes runs a circus.

1) unbelievable how some want to count illegal votes from illegals! really? 2) not to mention no oversite is allowed by the democrat snipes. this process needs to be transparent, as it has NOT been at all, not to mention 3) all these "ballots: being found in odd places, and how is it that 4) a part of florida that was basically destroyed still could get in the votes and follow the law?

its so sdad and almost hilarious how some defend this whole thing? some just dont give a shit if the law is followed if its their person in power.

OK, this is enough.  You keep outright lying.

1. Nobody wants to count votes from illegal aliens.  Shame on you for suggesting such nonsense.

2. There is oversight.  The provisional ballot validation in Palm Beach County was live streamed with lawyers from both parties overseeing it.  I know because I watched it.  Here is a video of it.  The recounts themselves are overseen by lawyers from both parties.  This is required by law and is being followed.  Unless you can prove otherwise, stop lying.

3. Most of the "found" ballets are simply provisional ballots that always come in after the election date by the very nature of being a provisional ballot.  If you don't want to count provisional ballots, change the law.

4. Not only are they not on time, but they received accommodations because of Hurricane Michael AND their SOE is violating the law by allowing email ballots.

Maybe you should stop lying.

No one wants illegals' votes to count?  Well, expect the lawyers representing Gillum and Nelson in Florida.  Oh, and the election supervisor in Broward County. And I'm sure all the Dems who want illegals to count toward the population in their state, which determines Federal funding and how many House seats they qualify for, wouldn't mind them voting.

Of course, that speaks nothing to the BS going on in those two counties and Florida.  Moving ballots in private cars.  Finding ballots after Election Day, when the law states they are to be accounted for that night.  Those ballots just so happen to heavily favor Dems.  The supervisor's not wanting any oversight at all.  One denying a court order for transparency.  One now denying reporters in to oversee, which has been permitted in the past.  And personally, I don't think candidates should be allowed to un-concede.

Then, on a pathetic side note, we have Arizona and Georgia.  Arizona Reps foolishly agreed to allow the counties to continue to "fix" ballots that were deemed invalid, well past the deadline.  Probably buying into the lie that the last votes would actually favor McSally.  Surprise, Surprise, they helped Sinema win.  And Abrams in Georgia won't concede, hoping she can find some more votes, somewhere, anywhere, to dwindle Metz lower than 50%.  That race should be 100% done, but I guess she can't handle losing.

If you honestly think everything is up to par with these elections, then you are yourself a dishonest broker.