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Intrinsic said: 
EricHiggin said: 

That's another reason why I think it's not Zen 2. I would say as low as 8TF and as high as 12TF, if it's going to launch around late 2019. I myself however assume 10 since it seems to be the middle ground. I would much rather have a beefier CPU portion than GPU if it requires meeting a certain price point. Slightly better PS4/Pro graphics are fine as long as they lock it at 60FPS when devs want more than 30.

I believe it will be alot more than 10TF. I have my money on at least 14TF. When sony went from 28nm to 16nm, not only did their CU count double the GPU clock went up by around 15% from the base console. The XB1x (getting rid of their esram on SOC had more room to work with and of course usng a better cooling solution, they practically quadripled the amount of CUs in their GPU and ran it at an even higher clock. 

As cool as that sounds, the XB1x GPU has only 4 CUs more than the PS4pro but is just clocked much higher. So if you use the XB1X as the baseline, simply going from 14nm to 7nm and keeping the clocks the same will at the very least mean you are by default going from 6TF to 12TF and this is not considerring any other architectural improvements made. 

14TF in 2019 seems like to big of a jump for a console that should sell for around $449 give or take. I could see 14TF if they skimp on the CPU again, but I can't see them going 30FPS for PS5, and I can't imagine they would risk later gen games not being able to hold close to 60, especially with possible large frame drops by then. Making the CPU plenty strong, and making the GPU just good enough, makes more sense to me. 6 or 8 strong acceptably clocked Ryzen cores, with around a 10TF GPU would be good enough for the initial launch model, assuming they plan on making a Pro version again mid gen.

XB1X has 6.0TF and can run some games in full 4k. Cerny said they feel they need at least 8.0TF for proper 4k. AMD themselves said something like 7.5TF I think. If PS5 has 10TF, that will be enough that they shouldn't have to worry about checkerboarding until later in the gen, which will be good enough if you only spent $399 in 2019, and can upgrade to Pro in say 2022.

Intrinsic said: 
EricHiggin said: 

If PS5 uses 7nm at launch, they have to hope that 5nm isn't more than 3 or 4 years afterwards for a slim or upgrade though. Intel still stuck on 14nm makes me wonder. Pro and slim got 16nm chips fairly early, but those were from TSMC. AMD was using GloFo and 14nm. Mind you, AMD is now going to use TSMC for the majority if not all Zen 2, 7nm chips, so it's hard to say, depending on if PS5 uses Ryzen, +, or Zen 2.

No they don't. If 4nm doesn't come along soonish its not thje end of the world. And there are other ways or things that contribute to price reductions than just using a smaller chip.

It's not the end of the world, but when you have always made a slim console, usually 3 to 4 years in, going without one, or a poor attempt because you can't shrink the power and cooling system, will be a downer. If PS was worried about this, I wouldn't be surprised to see them use 10nm at launch, and then 5nm if it's ready for slim, and if not then 7nm.

EricHiggin said: 

M.2 might make sense based on the leak info. You could have a 2TB HDD model, and a 1TB M.2 model, and let the customer choose if they would rather have more storage or more speed. The customers who buy the 1TB model could then simply spend another $50 to $100 on a 4TB+ external HDD if they want more space for cheap. They could probably also spend more and get a 2TB to 4TB (or larger in the future) 2.5" internal HDD to keep things sleek and simple. Whoever buys the 2TB HDD model, may even be able to wait a year or two for M.2 prices to go down, while storage goes up, and install one themselves for more speed.

That is unnecesary. First thing here is the chosen interface. SATA or M.2? 

SATA will mean the best they could ever get will be around 400MB/s. And thats if they put in a SATA SSD in the console. SATA 3 is raed for 600MB/s but thats not areal world number per say. Anif they are gonn put in a SATA SSD from launch then they might as well just go with M.2.

M.2 wll mean the best they could get is around 2GB/S+ speeds. But it also mean they could use a SATA based M.2 ssd in there allowing those that want to go faster (going from aropund 400MB/s sata to around 1.8GB/s nvme) upgrade their drive.

They honestly don't hve to put in a HDD bigger than 1TB in the console. All they have to do is spport external HDDs from day one. Its just all round better for the platform as far as future proofing goes if they go with an M.2 drive. Honestly and this may sound crazy, I can even see them soldering their storage directly onto the PCB and just support external storage on day one. 

1TB pcie 3 based nand flash storage soldered onto the PCB. Will make it eve cheaer for them to do it.

The future proofing and cost savings make sense on one hand, but no internal upgrading is going to be a massive step for PS. I know personally, I'd rather pay a little more to have the ability to swap internal storage. External mass storage isn't exactly a deal breaker, but I would much rather have internal. Even if the slot was just empty internal space for additional 2.5" storage.

fatslob-:O said:

EricHiggin said: 

It's not so much that I think it can't hit 1500MHz, I just find it hard to believe it's going to do so, with a high CU count, at around 10TF, in a PS4 sized console. Maybe it will, and if it does, that'll be something to boast about, if the cooling system is remarkably quieter this time around that is.

Really not that hard to imagine that they could since they have a new GPU microachitecture in hand and have 7nm to work with ... 

That's assuming it will definitely be on 7nm, and also assuming PS would rather focus on the absolute highest performance possible, without taking the console design and cost into account. PS4 could have squeezed out more performance if they would have made the shell, PSU, and cooling system larger, but they decided to go straight to 'slim' at launch and have the console sound like a runway sometimes.

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