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Republicans will in time have to adjust their foundational messages.

One time they were basically the war mongering party of Bush, but now their central message is basically to scapegoat immigrants. That won't play forever, yes they have some Latino support but the signs are already there, as we were discussing above Texas is becoming a state that's much more purple than the deep red it used to be. If Texas ever goes blue, there is virtually no path to an electoral victory for a Republican period.

There will be a reckoning for this party after the Trump era ends and they will scramble to rebrand themselves away from him 10 years from now just watch and see. You cannot demonize the Latino and black population forever, not when more than half the children being born in the US today are now officially non-white. 

They are also going to have to get in touch with reality at some point. The crime rate in the US is going DOWN and has been for 20 years now, so that doesn't really square with their forced panic on immigrants. That plays mainly to scared old white people and once that demographic lessens they'll have to answer to that. They are rabidly anti-science and in the pocket of the oil industries, eventually they are going to have to answer for that. They are rabidly in denial over the gun problem in the US and won't back any kind of common sense gun reform that the majority of Americans (regardless of political party want). Because they are in the pocket of the gun lobby. Even Trump wanted to restrict gun accessibility to people under 21, but he was forced off that issue because the gun lobby yanked back their puppet.

Last edited by Soundwave - on 10 November 2018