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DarthMetalliCube said:

I don't get why people assume that a more multi-racial/cultural population inherently means more Dem voters. That is far from reality, and will only be less so in the future. We're already seeing trends of this with the Hispanic, Black, and Asian populations. Hispanic vote for Trump was like 33% and black support has more than doubled just in 2 years. They're increasingly realizing they owe the Dems nothing, as the Dems haven't exactly done much to help their communities either, and are merely using them to get votes. Many are increasingly valuing the freedom and independence in paving their own way in life and working hard to succeed in America rather than the crippling/handcuffing that comes with relying on handouts and welfare.

This, minorities are starting to hate political correctness democrats are preaching. Not to mention they want to keep their money.

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