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irstupid said:
jason1637 said:

The problem with voter ID laws are that ID cards are not free. If they give free ID cards and implement voter ID laws that would be great. 

Did you know you need an ID to get welfare and other government assistance.

So if you are too poor to afford an ID, then you should probably be getting assistance, and in that case again you need an ID.

Also you won't find many people that do not either drink or smoke, both with require an ID. (also are spendy. Basically one case of beer costs the same as a drivers license/ID)

So please drop that bullshit, can't afford an ID. Besides, many of the states that are trying to implement ID laws, have it in the proposed law that ID's will be free.

What you just said does not disprove the original poster.  For Welfare there are many different ways you can obtain it without a photo ID.  A photo ID is not required for welfare.  Also when using photo ID most state that institute such things only allow specific ID.  Case in point would be North Dakota.  If you are a tribal Indian you get a P.O Box not a street address for your photo ID but ND has another policy that you cannot vote unless you have an ID with a street address. 


The thing is, if a photo ID is going to be required to vote there should always be a free and easy system to get an allowed ID.  The information needs to be clear and posted and obtainable by everyone.

So when you say you need ID in order to vote I have no problems with that but when policy is changed so that only very specific ID is required and then try to limit it so that its harder for people to obtain that ID well thats another story. I believe the BS belongs to you because I do not believe you have really studied the issue properly.