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I guess PS5 will look like the original xbox one but with black color instead of white :). This is obviously fake, like 6-core cpu seems unlikely as we now know zen2 is 8-core ccx and this is what next-gen consoles will use. And DLSS is nvidia tech not AMD.

As what spec ps5 will have my new latest prediction is that Sony will aim for native 4k resolution and not some fake 4k with CB or temporal injection as I believed before. This will require a lot of Teraflops and memory bandwidth.

So the GPU will have 72-80 compute units clocked about 1500 mhz, this will give 15 TF. 72-80 compute units is twice the amount ps4 pro and xbox one X have so it's not unreasonable. The memory will be 12 Gb of ram Gddr6 in 384-bit bus and will give a total of 672 GB/s bandwidth. The console will have 4 GB of ddr4 ram to run the OS on.

2 TB mechanical hard drive with 128 GB super fast flash storage(3000 mb/s read and write speed) The flash drive will make up for the lack of Ram increased as it can be used to store textures, geometry, ai and other stuff someone else probably can explain better. 

I think both ps5 and next xbox will use something close to these specs and both will be very similiar, Sony and Microsoft will launch in 2020 for 399$.

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