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Intrinsic said:

A ryzen 7 1800x cpu (8 cores and 16 threads, 14nm) currently retails for around $250. That means sony can get it for as little as $150 as an OEM or even less. And thats if they are building the PS5 to launch this year. And if you think the next gen consles will come with a 10TF GPU then you are in for a surprise.

1. Microsoft and Sony will not be buying CPU's off a shelve, it will be a semi-custom SOC design... Thus making your pricing redundant.
The most logical choice will be a single CCX. - So 6 cores.

Intrinsic said:

As for storage, I am almost convinced they are switching to an M.2 interface. Not just for future proofing but because right now everyone is usng them. You can currently get a 1TB M.2 sata drive for as little as $130 which means for an OEM they can get that for less tha half that and in 2020 even lower.

2. Don't think M.2 is going to happen... Unless they load it down with a ton of shitty QLC NAND.
I think a mechanical disk is still the way to go.

  1. I am aware that they won't be buying hardware off the shelf. But like you have already said these consoles are as close to off the shelf hardware as consoles have ever been. Simply looking at whts out there wll paint a clearly good picture of what can or will be possible. A 6 core 12 thread cpu sounds more like it though.

  2. I think they will go with the M.2 "interface". They will definately still be using SATA based SSDs but over an NvME M.2 interface. Its just future proofing and it takes up less space. No point putting a 2.5 SSD drive in there cause they cost the same as the sata basedm.2 drives. I think a mechanical drive will be prohibitively slow for the next gen consoles. Too much of a bottleneck to build into hardware that could very well be around till 2027. And by 2020 the can probably get SATA based M.2 drives of about 1TB fr under $40. 

    A mechanical drive just doesn,t make any sense with the direction the entire industry is going right now.