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PortisheadBiscuit said:
Nuvendil said:
One thing to keep in mind with Switch's lead is that it is being fueled by pre-black friday deals to a large degree. The Pokemon bundles release before then and the Diablo and Smash bundles are out now. Black Friday makes up a big, big percentage of the month though. I will say though, Nintendo is going into this month and black friday much better equipped then last time. I'm certain it will be up yoy, question is if it will beat the other two.

Switch definitely seems poised to have a better November than last year with Pokemon and all the various bundles. Beating a $199 PS4 bundled with Superman might be a tough task though. November all depends on how much stock Sony provides for BF. 

After last year it would be a bit weird if Sony didn't provide enough stock. It's not like if they have 20% of stock unsold t won't sell over the 2 weeks after. And with such a good software line up on the platform now how could they underestimate it again.