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shikamaru317 said:
Slade6alpha said:
That's cool and all Rockstar, but can we get an update on BUlly sequel?

No but real talk, RDR 2 is amazing. Definitely one of, if not the best games this gen. Congrats to the best studio, hands down. No one comes close.

All signs suggest Bully 2 is their next game. We've had multiple reliable Rockstar insiders mention it, as well as an artwork leak and a casting call leak now. 

I wonder how Rockstar will get away with a Bully sequel in the current social-political climate we live in. A game in this day and age where we play as a teenager who beats up not only other teenagers, but also kids and adults, would give politicians and sjws a field day, they would certainly try to ban it for inciting violence in schools. I remember that Bully raised a lot of concern before release, and many countries tried to ban it. So I think that a sequel with far more realistic graphics, details and gameplay mechanics, will probably raise even more attention. 

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Translation: I will always hate Fox for canceling The Exorcist.