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mZuzek said:

What I really want:

Amaterasu - pretty much impossible as a somewhat irrelevant third-party character from a game that never sold well.
Hollow Knight - absolutely impossible, obviously.
Wolf Link & Midna - don't think they'd ever do this.

What I kinda want:

Impa - would be cool as an echo of Sheik for more Zelda representativity. They said no echoes, though.
Dixie - same as above

What I think is really likely:

Rex - sounds weird that it's the Mii costume you get for buying the DLC, probably a sort of promise.
FE Three Houses rep - they did it with Roy and Corrin, it's just what they do, isn't it?
Geno - the fanboys are crying so hard for this one it just has to happen at some point.

What I'm afraid of:

Steve - it's possible but please for the love of god no.
Rayman - really, really don't want this guy in my Smash.
Incineroar - oh, wait

Edit: have been editing the list as I remembered more stuff.

What's wrong with Rayman in Smash?

Some days I just blow up.