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Probably Yoshi's Story, which has a rating of 65. Yoshi's Island on the SNES is my favourite game, and as this shares similar gameplay traits, I enjoy it a lot. Graphically it's quite nice as well. I feel it's quite a misunderstood game, and is more challenging than most people give it credit for if you actually try to complete it 100%. People say you can complete it quickly and easily, and you can, but I feel like they're just eating 30 random fruits and not trying to unlock other levels. That's like saying you beat Super Mario Kart because you won the Mushroom Cup on 50cc. If you're intent on getting 30 melons, 3 hearts, collecting coins and manipulating enemies to score more points on every level then you'll have a tougher time.

I also like Yoshi's New Island for the similarities to Yoshi's Island too. I dislike Yoshi's Island DS though, as I think the level design is quite cheap as the game progresses. Other games that fit the topic criteria include XIII and Turok Evolution, both of which have single and multi player modes I play(ed) and enjoy(ed) quite extensively.