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Gothic 3 for me.
I completely understand why its MC is as low as it is ( at 63 from 39 critics).
At release it was a really buggy and rushed game and the official patches did little to improve that.
Problems between developer PiranhaBytes and publisher JoWood caused the game to release in a unfinished state. Main story and performance lackluster, animations were robotic and so on.

The game itself was quite ambitious. It was PiranhaBytes biggest game by far with 3 huge areas, lots of towns and quests and stuff to do and explore.
And while playing it for the first time (without any patches) I experienced a lot of bugs and problems.

But I didn't care in the grand scheme because I fell in love with the world and my character and my playthrough.
I played this game for hours and hours. It is not a perfect RPG by any means but it was my kind of RPG.
I could loot/steal everything I wanted. Helped factions, sabotaged the rest. Decimated the wildlife for more loot and just loved being in this world.

To this day this game has a very special place in my heart.

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