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piggychan said:


Those were taken on SDR 1080p with no HDR.  Your the first whose commented on them being too bright and they are compared to the originals but they got deleted once I made the gifs.   Personally I think the brightness looks right on my temporary TV especially when the photos seems to fall in line with other gamers brightness setting.  I use Imgur to make my gifs and although this sounds strange sometimes Imgur seems temperamental as results tend to vary depending on the in-game terrain setting I guess. I also try gifycat but Imgur is my goto most of the time.




That looks like the correct black level. I have that problem with you tube as well sometimes where it messes up the black. Gif also compresses the hell out if it as well as you tube, often adding color banding that's not there in the original. This gen video tech clearly lags behind what consoles can produce. It wasn't that long ago that videos made games look better than they actually were. How fast things progress!

I 'wasted' hours again recording a couple days of timelapse footage overlooking Valentine. I figured out how to avoid the auto rest messing up the view, stand right on the edge of a cliff to prevens it. You still have to whistle your horse every 2 minutes to avoid cinematic view taking over. In other words, I've been cleaning up and doing other stuff while pressing up on the d-pad every 90 seconds lol.

So far it seems weather patterns are linked to areas. Twin Rocks is most stable with always the same type of weather, while Valentine has chance of slight rain and fog. Flat Iron lake seems to have the possibility of the biggest storms. That's the only place I remember seeing lightning. The bayou is mostly foggy which can drift into saint denis.

Weather is very realistic, only thing is the transitions can be quite odd when sped up. It's definitely the most impressive weather engine yet.