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green_sky said:
John2290 said:
I've never loved a game so much that has so many poor design decisions and frustrating systems. Thankfully, for the stuff that doesn't get better as the game progresses, they should be easily rectified if Rockstar can hear the complaints through the noise.

I respect that you atleast acknowledge that it has so many issues and systems that come in the way of having fun. That is all sometimes people ask when the defense force strikes. Lot of good things but some very poor design. 

Yeah, for sure there is, the goodness helps to divert away from the frustrations mostly or I wouldn't still be playing. I wasn't defending the game above out of fanboyism, I was just giving it the benifet of the doubt as so much of the flaws I and others had at that start, did clear up but now at 75% story competition and 60+ overall all completion there are still too many frustrations that followed through and I can no longer give the benifet and certain things like the bounty system, the horse auto store weapons, the AI's awareness, the outdated failure state of missions etc  are still headache inducing. Hopefully they fix it up to make the end game less frustrating and a second playthrough. 


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