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Wow, seems like only Soundwave is rational here.

This isn't complicated:

The iPhone X GPU already equaled the Switch's GPU. The iPhone XS is 1.5 faster. The iPad Pro GPU is 2x faster vs the XS (7 vs 4 cores, plus clock speed). That's a 3x performance bump vs the iPhone X from last year. That's about equal to an Xbox One. Apple doesn't sit around, the iPad GPU is about 3x faster than the iPhone X (2017 edition) GPU people were playing Fortnite on a month ago.

CPU wise we already know the Switch uses down clocked A57 cores, which even at high clocks perform about 1/5 the speed of the high performance cores in the new iPad (Basically 1000 vs 5000 in geekbench).

So 5 times faster CPU, and the same GPU as the Xbox. Not surprising since it is 7nm, 5 years later, and 10 billion transistors. The iPad APU is already larger than the Xbox One X, but built for efficiency, one of the largest CPU's ever made.