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think-man said:
contestgamer said:
AMAZING. It's honestly making Zelda BOTW look completely obsolete a year after it's release.

I still haven't played BOTW yet, i hope this game doesn't ruin my experience. 

I'd play BoTW first if I were you. They have upped the cieling on the things BoTW done best, the atmosphere the exploration and the emergent 'narratives' while getting lost off the beaten track. I'm no boTW head, I thought it was a decent game, 8 out of 10 maybe at most but like the other user said it makes BoTW look obsolete, well in done aspects anyway. It obviously doesn't have physics based puzzles and what not. That said it is also making TW3 and even Horizon Zero dawn look a generation behind in many aspects as well. It is raising the bar in many ways so if you think that will affect your enjoyment of previous open world games I'd skip this until you have played the others first. You should 't have any issues however if you leave a stretch and play a few different genres after this to cleanse your pallet after RDR2. 


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