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melbye said:
I would be shocked if Spider-Man didn't sell better. Looking at the Japanese sales-numbers for the first RDR didn't really do that well

I also think that Spiderman will win. But maybe you underestimate Red Dead Redemption 2 ? :) Because:

a) many japanese people like cowboys (Key-words: Hideo Kojima, Cowboy Bebop, old western movies)
b) RDR2 will be one of the best games ever, I suppose. And a big chance for the Game of the Year.
c) Thanks to GTA5 there are more "Rockstar Games"-fans in japan (
gta5 had strong sales)
d) It will be more successful than the first RDR-game (my forecast for Japan and worldwide)

What do you think about my throughts ? I'm interested in your opinion. Friendly regards :)

Mr.Joker said:
Hard to say but i think Spider man will sell better
RDR sold 96k in it's First week (according to Media Create) back then (140k overall) so RDR II may get 200k at least

Thanks for this infos. Currently Spiderman has sold nearly 300,000 units on PS4/disc in Japan - digital sales unknown. Let's see what the first two weeks of Red Dead Redemption 2 will look like. Overall, I think RDR2 beats RDR1, easy.

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