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Ultrashroomz said:

Eh... idk if I'll do it this year, haven't had an opportunity to finish as many games as I'd hope, and the fact I won't be able to list Smash Ultimate (which I know will end up no lower than the top 15 in my list) feels like a real sting.

I'll probably just PM my list, since it's barely changed from last year, and I don't have much to discuss in the thread.

Well if you're sending a list then you are doing it, technically. I guess I'll add you to the list, but it's a shame you won't be coming around to discuss.

S.Peelman said:


So you’ll be taking over I see mZuzek? I was just thinking a couple days ago if it wasn’t already almost time for this. Guess it was.

I’ll be participating again obviously!


It kinda felt to me like the time was right to take on something more meaningful at VGC, having been here for a few years now. This event was always my favorite thing around here, so when Blue came to me before leaving the site, I guess it only made sense (it's not like he approached me out of nowhere though, we had a chat before last year's event, because I noticed he wasn't really feeling it).