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On November 12th, there will be exactly 50 days until December 31st, the last day of 2018. You all know what that means, right?

Since the start of the decade, gamrConnect has held a yearly event for every member to list and talk about their 50 favorite ever games. Of course, this is always the best time at VGC, so I'm happy to carry on the tradition established by our lovely Smeags and later continued by our also lovely Leadified as they've both moved on to different (and hopefully better) things in the life.

For those who don't know, the basic premise of the event is:

• On November 12th (50 days left in the year), each participant will post their 50th all-time favorite game in the upcoming main thread.
• On November 13th (49 days left in the year), each participant will post their 49th all-time favorite game in the thread.
• This will go on until December 31st, when everyone will finally post their #1 favorite game.

So, before we start, this is the time to sign up! It isn't exactly the hardest process, you just have to:

• Post in here before November 13th expressing that you would like to participate. That's all! (I might be accepting some more people in for a while after November 13th, but please don't push it!)

I'll be posting both the Official Thread and the Discussion Thread on November 10th. The event rules are very much the same as they've been in the past, but be sure to check them again if you don't remember much.

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