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mrstickball said:
Ha! Member #53!

I haven't been active in ages, but came back to see what's new. Maybe I'm getting old, but the UI for VGC is kind of.... Old-school, and I forget how to use it.

My wife still has one of my VGChartz shirts from when I went to E3 with a bunch of VGC-ers back in 2010/2011. Its going to be dopey to say "Those were the good old days", but the groups were pretty fun then, taking on NPD and what not. I got a job due to contributions I made here - best job of my life. As you get older, things change though, and I dropped out from VGC and video gaming almost entirely. Having a family puts a huge damper on it, as more responsibilities come into play.... My first daughter is named after a video game character (which after 6 years, no one has ever once realized), yet I've bought only one, maybe two, new games in the past year.

Does Brett Walton still have anything to do with VGChartz?

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