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contestgamer said:

Again, can you please explain how any of this personally effects you? I genuinely don't understand all the frustration and sadness in your OP, when I didn't rad anything that pertained directly to how your life would change. You mentioned intangible things like "Walking in the streets had me nervous, knowing that most passersby likely voted in that abomination " which really make absolutely no sense, as that's all in your mind - those are the same people you werent nervous of yesterday.

Maybe it's because I give the slightest shit about other people. I know loads of LGBT people, I know black people, I know poor people, many of those are my friends and this guy puts them all in danger. In fact, one friend of mine is already suffering with violence inside his own family due to this. And even then, if I didn't know anyone who was affected, I can still give a shit about the people I don't know who are affected, because many innocent people are being attacked and even killed for not voting in Bolsonaro. This affects my life, because it affects other people's lives. If you can't have the slightest empathy for other people and can only think about your own fucking ass, I can only be sorry.

Nautilus said:
mZuzek said:

By the way, this is Bolsonaro's vice-president, and on the right you have Hugo Chavez.


I'll let you draw conclusions on your own.

Because people looking alike certainly makes them into dictator.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize they were born in those outfits.