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mZuzek said:
morenoingrato said:

And here's the kicker: whereas you can't be concerned about corruption or unemployment, there are millions who do or were more severely affected by those issues. You may be 'sad' about some potential, speculative fascism based on unhelpful comparisons to Nazi Germany, but this is just people looking out for themselves and not imagining some radical absolute worst case scenario because they dislike the candidate's personality.

Come 10 years, Brazil will be the same as always and Bolsonaro will likely have been washed away by the winds of change.

How unreasonable to imagine a radical absolute worst case scenario from a radical absolute piece of shit person. By the way, if you wanna delve deeper, you would know Bolsonaro is completely incapable of running a country. He has openly admitted to know nothing about economy, and his entire campaign has been built on manipulative buzzwords and fake news delivered to people through WhatsApp algorithms. His government proposal is an embarassment that looks like it was made on PowerPoint, and relies entirely on buzzwords, calling out all the problems in Brazil, such as unemployment and violence and all that stuff, but it never goes into the solution to any of it beyond just saying stuff like "we must change". Furthermore, he barely touches on education, despite current Brazilian political trends showing the government is trying to get rid of mandatory high school subjects such as Philosophy and Sociology. His son has recently stated "I've needed doctors, dentists, policemen, lawyers, teachers... but I never needed an ARTIST". It's a reflection of what these people stand for: ignorance. They don't want people to be cultured, they don't want people to know history, they don't want people to think for themselves, because they want to control everyone. It's happened before here and it's happening again now, at this point it's blatantly obvious that democracy won't last long here if he's elected.

vivster said:
If you're not leaving VGC you should at least consider leaving the country that tries to kill you. There are still some countries that haven't become shitholes where you could get shot at any moment. Ironically those are also the countries with the most open borders.

Thanks for understanding. I am very much considering leaving, yes.

BraLoD said:

I was completely sure this was a thread about Brazil before opening if, lol.
First of all, we are screwed either way, our future is quite frigthening, indeed.
But I guess you just don't walk outside much, being always nervous and on look for everyone one else here is what everybody go throught every single day.
Next year will be have guns to more easily vent their frustation and ignorance on each other so yeah, it'll get even more dangerous than what it already is, so good luck to us all.

I don't walk outside much, but trust me I do understand. For the past 5 years or so, I've always been concerned when walking outside, and even more so after being robbed in late 2016. I know what it's like, but yesterday was a whole different level. I couldn't look at anyone with a straight face. I was afraid even when inside college, during and after class. It feels like everywhere is in danger, and I don't feel like I'm in danger of being robbed, I feel like I'm in danger of being tortured.

haqqaton said:

I hope you feel safer in the future (with or without him as the president). By the way, where were you born?

I was born in Paraguay, though technically I'm Argentine because it's where my family is from. I live in Brazil since before I was a year old, though, so I'm basically Brazilian in nature and do speak Portuguese much more natively than Spanish.

Nautilus said:

Yes.And somehow people think Bolsonaro is the one that will turn Brazil into a dictatorship.

By the way, this is Bolsonaro's vice-president, and on the right you have Hugo Chavez.


I'll let you draw conclusions on your own.

Rab said:

In simplistic terms the Human World is a struggle between those that "care for all" Vs those that "care for themselves", the "caring for themselves" group are on the rise

See, I think I was always someone who cared mostly about myself. The difference, I guess, is that I have the decency to consider that a personal flaw.

Again, can you please explain how any of this personally effects you? I genuinely don't understand all the frustration and sadness in your OP, when I didn't rad anything that pertained directly to how your life would change. You mentioned intangible things like "Walking in the streets had me nervous, knowing that most passersby likely voted in that abomination " which really make absolutely no sense, as that's all in your mind - those are the same people you werent nervous of yesterday.