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Machiavellian said:

Why would it matter.  What actual merits would make one Republican change his vote.

Uh, did you even see the results of the vote? It was 50 yay, 48 nay with Pence giving the tiebreaker. 

The things you listed is what they support so why would that make any difference.  It would be different if you presented something they all can agree isn't something they support but that is not the case.

How do you know this for sure? You saw each every Republican senator's platforms and past comments? It would be different if you presented evidence that confirms the positive.

Why bring up something that have absolutely not chance of making a even one Republican blink.  I do not know, maybe you see something that could have changed the GOP vote but lets be honest, the decision was already made to appoint Kavanaugh, the hearings was just the procedure.

Again, that is merely your opinion. This is not based on evidence. Absolutely no chance? How do you know this for sure objectively?

You also missed my point entirely and I even emphasized it twice. Focusing on Kavanaugh's flaws in his case decisions offers a higher probability of change in the Democrats' favor than focusing on an allegation that does not have corroborating evidence for several weeks. This is my thesis in which you have not addressed at all.

In addition, "making a difference" is not limited to changing a few Republican senators' minds to vote "no". The way the Democratic Party approached Kavanaugh's nomination had a negative effect on their midterm and possibly, longterm prospects. Had they approached the nomination differently, then it is likely that the party would be viewed in a more favorable light than they are in currently.