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Machiavellian said:
DrDoomz said:

This is also a strange reply. Why do you think they need to “step up”? This isn’t 5-year old tag where you need to let the other kid win too so everyone can have happy feelings. This is american politics. At this point of time, both sides practically hate each other and both sides have acted in bad faith towards each other on more than one occasion. But the Repubs have the power to get someone they want into the SC, is it hard to believe that they would indeed try and get someone they want into the SC? Do you think the Repubs owe the Dems some sort of uneeded compromise here? And of course they had no intention to “not confirm Kavanaugh”. Duh. He is the candidate they selected. They’re behaving exactly as they should. Of course, if unquestionably indisputable evidence came up, I’m certain that the GOP would have abandoned Kav faster than rats off a sinking ship. The problem was the Dems chose a bad angle (since they didn’t have convincing proof) to try and get Kav (someone they don’t want in the SC) “not confirmed”.

And why is “when I paid attention to politics” relevant? And what are you basing it on? My posting history? I barely posted before because I usually have better things to do (I’m in between games now so I thought I’d post my opinion on the matter). And how would you know if I paid attention or not IRL or in other forums? Is there some sort of VGC-only criteria I’m supposed to pass in terms of post history credentials in order to chime in on political discussions? And I even said this was nothing new and par for course on what is to be expected on the matter so I don’t where you came up with “you should not be throwing out opinions as if this is anything new”. And where did you come up with “If you believe either one is better” when I specificially said: “literally what either party would do”, meaning that I find both parties just as bad and just as likely to abuse a positional advantage over the other. The only difference in this one example is that I feel that using the #metoo movement (thereby undermining its credibility) as a political weapon to try and condemn a person and destroy his life/career/family based on (from what I’ve seen) very flimsy evidence kind of steps over a line and is what a lot of people find distasteful, myself included, in this discussion (personally, I couldn’t care less about who gets into the SC, I just don’t find the idea of accusation = proof of guilt all that palatable).

I believe you are not understanding me.  Of course the GOP will do what they have done to get someone they picked into the SC seat.  What I am saying is that this is nothing new or different, it's still just politics.  People who take on political jobs has always had these types of skeletons pulled up.  Simply put, if anyone is acting as if this isn't politics on both sides of the fence you have not been paying attention.  It's always politics and when one party gains control they will always do what is the best interest for themselves no matter how good a candidate is.   

Sexual misconduct has been used in just about every avenue of the political system so trying to act as if this is any different from any other time its happen just means you are viewing with partisan eyes.  There is no difference here because each party was playing the game with the hand dealt.  GOP wanted to push everything forward as fast as possible to get Kavanaugh in before the midterms, the Dems were looking to delay as long as possible to see if they can get control and nix it.  If anything the GOP should have just nix the whole thing and been done with it.  Why they even entertained a 30+ year of groping of a High School Kavanaugh was silly to begin with.  Of course there was not going to be any evidence of something like that from so long ago.  

Personally, I thought this was all song and dace pony show.  Each player, playing a role while behind the scenes they made sure the outcome resulted in what they wanted.  At this time the GOP and the White House has control so there was never really any doubt that Kavanaugh wasn't going to be confirmed.

Um. I think you have it backwards. You keep saying I’m not understanding you but you’re just repeating my point as if that wasn’t the point I already made. I literally just said that this was all just basic politics and nothing new and you keep trying to explain to me what I already stated....

And I never said this wasn’t politics on both sides of the fence. Where did you even get the idea that I said that?

The Repubs would of course try to push their agenda forward as fast as possible and the Dems would try to delay it as much as they could. This would all be par for course and wouldn’t even register as a blip on my radar.

The difference, to me, is that sexual misconduct (while common in politics) or most any kind of accusation have always hinged on some form of proof. Or at least solid testimony. AFAIK I have never heard of any high profile instances where no proof and only accusations was all that was needed in order to try and bury someone and be so embraced by the politicians, the media and celebrities and the liberal half of the public. Allthewhile practically throwing an entire movement under the bus (while many supporters of said movement urged them on with great enthusiasm). If succesful, the precedence to me would have been very scary. And it should be scary to everyone here. If you know any time where this happened in the past similar to how it happened now, pls educate me so as to correct my view of how things have worked in the past.

And what do you mean by nix? You mean not entertain the accusations at all or nix Kav’s nomination?

From where I stood, the GOP did their usual song and dance while the Dems tried to see if they could succesfully pull off pushing an old political tactic to even lower lows (w/c fortunately ultimately failed).