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Right, I've seen the point of her fear of flying being thrown around in trying to discredit her.
First, obviously her fear of flying as zero bearing on her testimony, but it's still a very weird point to focus on. Do you really not know how stress works?

"How can she be afraid of flying here, but when going on holiday??"
Well, a person may find a situation to be stressful in general, but can bear it if the end result is going to be beneficial to them.
This theory is known as "affect heuristic" and in pretty much means that in our mind "risk" and "benefit" are inversely related.

I've actually experienced it first hand rather recently. This summer me and my girlfriend took a plane to go and meet her parents. She generally finds planes to be stressful.
On the outbound flight she was stressed to no end, gripped my arm through almost the entire thing and cried at several points.
On the return trip she was ok; still gripped my arm a little during turbulence but that's about it.

It's clear then that Dr. Ford could very well find a plane trip to hearing about her sexual assault a little more stressful than a plane ticket to a holiday resort.
It's really not that hard.