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thismeintiel said:
How can Trump mock a victim when there aren't any?

1.) He was mocking the absurdity of the Left believing such a flimsy story, obviously just to oppose a political enemy, not mocking her as a person.
2.) There are no victims here. Yet. They are accusers. Until it is proven that any of these things occurred, the use of the word victim is disingenuous and is just used as a political tactic to try and sway public opinion.

This was the same guy who already said that Dr. Ford's testimony was credible. Flip flop, flip flop.

This isn't a left/right issue either, like the insane folks who think this is all some elaborate scheme by the democratic party.

45% of Americans believe Ford

33% of Americans believe Kavanaugh

The word victim isn't at all disingenuous unless you think Dr. Ford committed perjury. It's disingenuous to refer to Kavanaugh as her assailant rather than *alleged* assailant though.