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Not specifically a Nintendo fan but personally I think they need a true handheld as well because in all honesty the Switch is not very portable and not feasible for the majority of situations. I enjoy my Switch but in all honesty I cant carry it around with me without a laptop bag or something similar where my PSVita could just be put in my pocket. But I am personally a bigger fan of the Switch than the 3DS, the 3DS screen resolution was just to low for me. But my fiance prefers the 3DS to the Switch because of its portability. She takes it with her to college and plays it on her downtime between classes, she does not want to lug the Switch along with her as she already has to take so much.


I am not going to vote due to this primarily being a Nintendo fan discussion. Just thought I would put in my 2 cents as a Switch/3DS owner. (I own a 2DS and a New 3DS)