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AngryLittleAlchemist said:

You know, I think the idea that Switch has a disappointing library is a lot more respectable than most on this forum. It's pretty sad that this kind of reception to the Switch is practically outlawed or laughed at immediately. However, a lot of your comment is pretty unreasonable. 


The idea is laughed at for three main reasons:

1. Comparisons between Switch and other consoles usually are LTD for Switch vs. lifetime of other consoles.
2. Quality of released first party games is deemed to be of little to no relevance.
3. Third party support gets conveniently ignored.

Regarding your other argument that Switch as a hybrid is a handheld device, it's pretty obvious that a hybrid needs to be of a size that allows it to be legitimately portable. How else do you imagine a hybrid?

On topic: Pretty clear poll results so far. Most people grasp that spending money on only one piece of hardware leaves more money for games.

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