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Mar1217 said:
benji232 said:

Then where are all the games lol? Where is our unified library? In 2018, we got ……………………… A Kirby platformer and Mario tennis. Sick Unified library Nintendo... Nah, I'd prefer get 2 platforms since were obviously netting way less games then before.

So we're gonna purposefully forget about what's coming in the near future with SMP, Pokémon Let's Go and Smash Ultimate and the line up we got so far for 2019 just for your own egostistic self-entitled view on game developpement ?

Five Nintendo exclusives in a whole year (of which most are mediocre) and a few lazy ports and a horrible online service. That's not what I call an impressive output for a company as big as Nintendo with dozens of internal and 2nd party studios that had the opportunity to make great games for Switch since way back before Switch was even announced. Nintendo made more games when it was supporting two systems at the same time. So why would you want one system with less original games than even Wii U?