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animegaming said:
Kerotan said:

An Xperia + ps4 can be bought for 400€ the price of a ps4 Pro. Really not much. And with mobile data on your phone you can play it anywhere. 

That's if you can even get a signal, a lot of places where I live have terrible connections, like it can be a pain ass to watch youtube a lot of the time due to getting low bars because I am in some spotty place. Hell back when I actually used my Vita, remote play never worked for me outside of my house when I tried to play outside of my house and 2 years ago during a road trip I tried to play Witcher 3 on Vita connect to phone's mobile and it just kick me off instantly. Now I don't know where you live, but streaming game's especially in the US will never be suitable substitute to playing something locally for a long time due some of the sheer hops you have to go through just get it to work.

Fair point.