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adisababa said:
It has horrible 3rd party support and honestly, sales have more or less started to stabilize/ flatline, there's no hype for the Switch at all. Nintendo's weak third party support and the Switch's inability to run high profile games this gen will only serve to hurt the console.

The switch will probably always play second fiddle to the other consoles simply because it will never get games like Anthem, Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty, Battlefield, the next elder scrolls and Cyberpunk 2077. Those high profile games will never hit the Switch and will never be able to run on the Switch.

The Switch is fine for a Nintendo audience but it will never be beyond that because it simply cannot be that due to its hardware limitations. Heck the OG Xbox One ran the Black Ops 4 beta at 45 fps, it was struggling and that's one of the least demanding triple-A games right now. Imagine the switch lol. Don't need a repeat of Doom where it ran at 480p 20fps at times.

The Switch is just a Wii, a companion piece to an actual gaming console and that's fine, it's doing well enough.

Satire or not, the Switch sales are well above last years. They must be doing something right