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curl-6 said:
Arminillo said:


Gamecube and Wii both had better libraries than N64, what are you smoking.

Wii yes, albeit barely. Gamecube, fuck no. That system's first party lineup sucked by Nintendo standards.

??? It had Twilight Princess and Windwaker, Melee, Fzero GX, Fire Emblem POR, Metroid Prime 1 + 2, Pikmin, Thousand Year Door, Double Dash, Luigis Mansion, 1080, Animal Crossing, Pokemon Colo/XD, Baten Kaitos, Custom Robo... It had AMAZING first party games.

PLUS it had good 3rd party like Soul Calibur, Rogue Squadron, Tales of Symphonia, RE4, Beyond Good and Evil, Timesplitters, Skies of Arcadia. It actually had RPGS and fighters, which N64 had like 5 of combined.

Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda!!!!