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Sordel said:
If the FBI can turn something up that merits prosecution then all bets will be off, but with the standard of proof needed for charges to be brought, I doubt anything will come of it.

There's no standard of proof possible.  The statute of limitation expired 35 years ago.

I live in Europe so the idea of a new supreme court justice who will support the power of the president and overturn a woman's right to choose is not exactly appetising to me.

Kavanaugh is more likely to curtail the power of the president and the administrative agencies to construct policy.  Without getting a bit into the weeds, the court has shown a desire to reexamine the concept of Chevron deference lately.

As for abortion, the Supreme Court's granting of that right rested on very shaky reasoning.  And it's hurt the court as an institution ever since, probably more than any case in its history.  You can draw a direct line between Roe to why the composition of the court is so hotly contested.  Without that ruling judicial history would be much less divisive, the rise of originalism would be nowhere near as prominent, and abortion itself would likely be a lot less hotly contested because it would have been settled by state governments in a less all-or-nothing manner.