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I'm surprised that this thread has been (so far) so civil and even more surprised at the support shown for Kavanagh. I live in Europe so the idea of a new supreme court justice who will support the power of the president and overturn a woman's right to choose is not exactly appetising to me. That said, the guy seems qualified for the role and there aren't many people on earth who can do the job. If he were (still) a sexual predator we'd know by now and they wouldn't need to go back to his high school behavior to turn up something against him.

If I were guessing I'd say Kavanagh doesn't seem like he was a very nice young man. If the FBI can turn something up that merits prosecution then all bets will be off, but with the standard of proof needed for charges to be brought, I doubt anything will come of it. He should certainly be allowed to go ahead to a vote on the floor of the Senate absent a lot more evidence. I think the extra week's vetting was a sensible compromise.