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If you're not aware whats going on a few months ago Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the supremem court. The senate has had hearing throughout this and last week and soon there will be a vote to decide if he becomes a supremem court justice. But a women named Christen Ford accused him of raping her when they were 17 years old (36 years ago). Two other women have come foward also accusing Kavanaugh of rape. A lot of people have been saying that because of these allegation the vote should be delayed. Those defending Kavanaugh have said that that no solid evidence have been put foward and that it would be wrong to not go foward with the confirmation because there is a pssibility that he did not do it. Some have even claimed that this is a setup by the Democrats because they had recieved word of the accusation over twenty days ago and did not act on it til weeks later.

So Trump recently ordered the FBI to investigate these accusation but instea of waiting for the investigation to happen Mitch McConnel is moving foward with the nomination.

Do you think the nomination should be postponed or should it continue?