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Like the original poster, Millennials can't put a coherent sentence together. Like the 5th post, they also are soooo uninformed. They think they grew up in an era of 'smaller government' because healthcare and college aren't free. Millennials grew up with cable TV and then came of age when the internet took off in the 90's. They also grew up in the era of rap music and hip hop culture influencing them. Their parents both worked out of the home, unlike the 60-70's, so they had a lot of unsupervised time. And probably most importantly, they grew up during the liberal takeover of media and teaching positions. They think they are special and deserve respect, when neither is earned. The parents of millennials are the end of the baby boomers who grew up in the free love hippie takeover of culture. So they were bad parents. And now we are stuck for the future with them.