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COKTOE said:
Kyuu said:
So uh... why is no one talking about Astro Bot? I'd be surprised if this game doesnt come close to or even pass 90 on metacritic. Is that delusional?

Probably because it's VR. Don't get me wrong. Not slagging on PSVR. Planning on getting it eventually, but it's software doesn't garner the interest non-VR PS4 titles are apt to do. Thanks for the tip though. I watched a video and it looks interesting.

Yeah I don't own a VR headset either and will probably wait until PS6 to consider getting one. But Astro Bot is shaping up to be thee VR app so I'm keeping an eye on it; it's an innovative platformer made by Sony Japan Studio (*cough* without Mark Cerny *cough) and is coming out in just 5 days, so the complete and utter silence even from VR owners here strikes me as strange. We may be looking at a sleeper VR hit, I would certainly hope so if it's as good as I'm thinking it will be.